Saturday, 21 April 2012

Ziggy Stardust

You have to trust me on this one. This is Heddon Street (just off from Regents Street) where David Bowie was photographed for the classic Ziggy Stardust album cover. Not recognisable now due to the flora and foliage of the local restaurants but a plaque is on the wall to commemorate the spot. The ‘K. West’ sign went west years ago, 'collected' by Bowie fans.

Heddon Street is also the site of London's first night club, 'The Cave of the Golden Calf' that opened in 1912.


  1. I can remember when we walked down there [as mere lads] just for a look at the K West sign.....after going to a gig at the BBC's Paris Theatre in Regent Street.
    Ah, spin me back down the years and the days of our youth.

  2. Honestly is is quite a turn down local owners do not care for Rock landmarks like these.