Saturday, 7 April 2012

The price of everything, the value of nothing

If ever proof were needed that the world has gone mad then this is the photographic evidence. It is of a defaced Banksy close to Exmouth Market. It originally showed a girl being lifted up by a robot arm, extending from a cash machine. Somebody decided to ruin the piece with a paint roller before someone else took the decision to preserve it with a protective perspex screen. The end result is that an act of vandalism has been sabotaged yet preserved for posterity.

With Banksy’s work now selling at Bonham’s Urban Art sale and other top end galleries, at very decent prices 'thank you very much', we could get to a situation where a piece of graffiti, sprayed onto a building is worth more than the building itself. 

Banksy: primed and all set for take-off - The Telegraph 3 April 2012

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