Friday, 29 July 2011

Thursday night in London

At last a warm summers night in London and two ‘Private views’ to attend. The first is at the Lazarides Gallery in Rathbone Place and features hyperrealist painter, Boxi. Life size stencil work in various shades of grey, which the hand-out states “would not exist were it not for failed dreams and flawed excuses” I like that. A good exhibition, worth seeing.

After Lazarides it’s just a short walk to the next complementary drink at Art Republic in Old Compton Street.  They are hosting a special event to mark the release of “Eagle” by Dave White. The gallery also includes good pieces by other artists, including Sir Peter Blake. Despite his work being over forty years old it fits in well with current and contemporary artists. My only objection is that the work seems to have been produced on an industrial scale with ‘limited’ editions being in thousands (signed metal plaques at a reasonable £50 being sold as a run of 5,000) surely makes Peter Blake a professional autograph writer. Still, we all have to earn a living. Art Republic is the type of gallery that makes London a better place to live and work. More power to its elbow and especially to Peter Blake who has all that signing to do.

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