Saturday, 10 March 2012

Conor Harrington

Visited the Lazarides Gallery in Rathbone Place to see work by the excellent Conor Harrington. Forget Damien Hurst or David Hockney. Forget the Lucien Freud blockbuster for which people are queuing around the block. Conor Harrington’s your man. The Dead Meat exhibition features a mixture of traditional fine art mixed with graffiti, oil on canvas mixed with dripping spray paint straight from the can. The work focuses on scenes of excess and debauchery that suit Harrington’s style. He destroys large parts of each painting allowing only a glimpse of fine art to survive the vandalism. Realism and abstraction in every picture.

Also saw the Eve Arnold photographic exhibition at the Art Sensus Gallery. This was disappointing. Not sure how many more pictures of Marilyn Monroe applying her make up I really want to see. Despite this the exhibition is worth a visit if only to see the Malcolm X pictures. One shows a very uncomfortable American white supremacist George Lincoln Rockwell and two henchmen, in full Nazi regalia, front row at a Nation of Islam rally. Both groups shared a belief in segregation based on race and were hence singing from the same warped song sheet.

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