Saturday, 17 March 2012

Before they disappear....

The excellent sports photographer Stuart Roy Clarke describes himself as “A photographer & reminiscer, hanging on to things before they pass”. This seemed like a good theme to include on the blog but when do you know things will disappear until they do. While pondering this problem it happened. G. Smith & Sons, “purveyors of fine cigars” have gone.  This tiny shop at 74 Charring Cross Road boasted a walk in humidor, a theatrical red velvet window display and a selection of Cuba’s finest. It opened in 1869 and was the very first shop on Charring Cross Road.

I know smoking is a filthy habit but who can resist a fine Montecristio No 2 “Especial” (it must be an “Especial”). A nice glass of red in one hand, a seductive Montecristo in the other and the world seems a better place. Unfortunately it’s no longer a better place for G. Smith & Sons, or for the rest of us, as they have sadly closed.

This has motivated me to capture London places and objects before they disappear and this old cigar shop is a fitting place to start. 

That's a bohemian, Soho artist in the doorway, not a bohemian, Soho drunk.

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