Saturday, 22 December 2012

Lexington Street

Lexington Street is a part of Soho that people seem to overlook. Geographically it feels more ‘West End’ than Soho being so close to Carnaby Street, the Palladium Theatre and the big stores.  Despite this it can seem more authentic, more laid back with bars and restaurants seemingly unchanged for years giving a glimpse of pre 50’s Soho.

This small patch contains the excellent Andrew Edmunds, a one room up, one room down restaurant in a run down, bohemian Georgian townhouse. It also includes Aurora and the recently opened Café Gourmand.

The Café Gourmand menu offers only a small selection but the food is wholesome and authentically French. The café runs a ‘bring your own’ drink policy charging a small corkage fee. The place is well worth a visit.

The John Snow pub is named after the father of modern epidemiology. He is best known as the physician that traced a cholera outbreak to a Soho Square water pump in 1854. A replica pump has been placed opposite the pub as a memorial. I would have thought having a pub named after you would be the ultimate honour.

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