Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Anthony Gormley

White Cube, Bermondsey Street

‘Model’ by Anthony Gormley is the current exhibition on show at the White Cube Gallery in Bermondsey. The smaller galleries show a series of working models while the central corridor seems littered with discarded iron block sculptures. It’s not until you reach South Gallery II that it all starts to make sense. The gallery contains a huge 100 ton, sheet metal set of cubes that represent the human form. Visitors can enter the sculpture, via the foot, only after having signed a disclaimer that they will not hold the gallery responsible should they be injured while inside the labyrinth of inter connected metal chambers. Some are dark and can only be entered by feeling your way along the solid metal structure, while others are spacious and open to the gallery lighting. The experience is meant to represent the journey through a body and it certainly is an experience I would recommend.

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