Saturday, 7 July 2012

The South Bank

The South Bank. Art, life and Darth Vader. The Peoples Palace.

 A giant Baobab tree, 15 meters tall and made from stacks of fabric rings, at the Southbank Centre. The fabric represents different communities and so each ring tells its own story.

‘Everything is Beautiful When You Don’t Look Down’ is a large sculpture made from recycled materials by kids in the Borough of Lambeth.

The ‘London Earth Creature’ has also been made by children. These kids are from Hounslow Infant and Nursery School, which is on the flight path of Heathrow airport. Could be why they chose an enclosed space as a playscape.

‘Perspectives’ is designed by artists Trey Watkins and Cameron Brown. The large children’s blocks look random but when seen from certain angles line up to revel a secret message.

Darth Vader a.k.a. Dark Lord of the Sith, Supreme Commander and a real Jedi Knight. Strange but I always thought he would be much larger in real life.

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