Saturday, 21 July 2012

London Olympics 2012

I am suddenly a convert to the Olympic spirit. My previous posts have been slightly negative, a view influenced by elusive boxing tickets. My conversion has been triggered by the New York Times. They claimed the American team’s journey from Heathrow Airport to the Olympic village was a ‘fiasco’.  OK the coach driver was Scottish and had never driven in London. OK it took four hours. But by ignoring the Olympic lanes and getting lost Team USA were able to see Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and other wonderful places in the world’s greatest city. Some of these young athletes may never have been out of the Lone Star state but can now claim to have been lost in London with groundsman Willie at the wheel.

This is not a ‘fiasco’. This journey will only be repeated when the team get lost on the way back to the airport once the games are over.  On finally arriving at the Olympic village Team USA javelin thrower Craig Kinsley posted on Facebook "England, London, Olympic Village, heaven."

No sooner have the athletes arrived than they are flying their national flags from their balconies in a display of jingoism that for two weeks, every four years, is totally acceptable. Let the games begin and can anyone get their hands on a pair of boxing tickets.

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