Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Olympics - Woolwich Barracks

I have tried to avoid mentioning the Olympics as it seems too easy a subject. London already creaks under the weight of 3.5 million people using public transport each day but the Olympics will attract a further 3 million (each day). Needless to say Londoners are bracing themselves for meltdown despite what officialdom may lead the world to believe. I hope it goes well but at what cost to London. 

The official Olympic site and village to the east of London has been built on time which bodes well for the event. Unfortunately so has this monstrosity on Woolwich Common, which is home to the shooting events and paraplegic archery.

Ironically built along side Ha Ha Road this £40 million, temporary venue will leave no lasting 'Olympic legacy' and will be dismantled as soon as the show leaves town. This is not such a bad idea for such an ugly building but what a waste of money and what a wasted opportunity.

Its logical for Woolwich to be used as the Olympic shooting events venue given it's historic links to the Woolwich Arsenal and barracks. Unfortunately the backdrop to the event will be a 62ft high ballistic screen to avoid the locals being shot. The original artists impression, that formed part of the official Olympic bid, was of a female participant taking aim in front of the Grade II listed, Royal Artillery barracks, the longest Georgian terrace in Europe. Now the world will just see a large screen and something that looks like a giant bouncy castle off the set of Dr Who.

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