Tuesday, 13 May 2014

London's skyline

This photograph was taken from Greenwich Park looking west towards the City of London. At first sight all looks perfectly normal. The Shard is to the left, in South London, St Paul’s is central with the ugly Willkie Talkie building (or ‘fry scrapper’ as it is known due to its ability to melt cars with a ‘death ray’ produced by its curved windows) both being in the City. Behind this are the 'Cheese Grater' and the 'Gherkin'. I'm sure architects only erect large buildings to fulfil their comedic ingenuity on a nickname.

The scene changes in close up. A plague of cranes (I’m sure that’s the collective noun) seems to have descended on the city as if in a Sci-Fi movie. Strangely they are all pointing in the same direction as if drawn by a mysterious grand master calling the cranes to observe a masonic ritual. 

London is either in need of major repair, in the process of rebuilding itself or Boris Johnson has bought a job lot of cranes.

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