Saturday, 26 October 2013

“Virgin Records: 40 Years of Disruptions”

I visited the “Virgin Records: 40 Years of Disruptions” exhibition at Victoria House and was disappointed. It had the feel of a backdrop to possibly a very good opening night party but was flat as a standalone exhibition. It is no more than a collection of memorabilia. This was surprising considering its subject but maybe rock ‘n’ roll is not supposed to be exhibited, it’s intended to be experienced. I specifically went to see the recreation of the first Virgin record shop, which was part of the exhibition, but it was nothing like I remembered.

Despite my qualms it was good to see slices of music that I had lived through. From Mike Oldfield to the Sex Pistols and beyond. Good to know that Virgin Records are still going strong and still signing interesting acts, such as Daft Punk (without seeing their faces, or so the Virgin PR machine will have us believe) and Deadmau5

This is what Virgin Records are good at.

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