Saturday, 10 November 2012

Denmark Street

Denmark Street is London’s version of Tin Pan Alley. The street can be traced back to the 1730’s but is now famous for its musical instrument shops where grown men stare and drool over a vintage Stratocaster or Les Paul. 

The street has a more illustrious past as Jimi Hendrix, The Stones and the Kinks have all recorded in Denmark Street. The Sex Pistols lived and recorded demos at No 6. The graffiti and marks they left on the walls have been preserved for future generations. I’m sure the convent of Santa Maria della Grazie will not lose any visitors as a consequence. Denmark Street was also the home of Augustus Siebe (1788 - 1872) the man who invented the driving helmet (just thought I'd throw that fact in for good measure).

I had been tempted to include these in the 'Before they pass' section as who knows how long these shops can exist due to the exorbitant cost of retail space in London. 

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  1. Last time I srolled down here was just prior to seeing Johnny Winter at The Astoria a few years ago. I swear I could still make out the age old greasy imprint of my nose on one of the windows that had been left by the kid in me oggling a Gibson SG, or was it a Les Paul, or a Flying V, or a Fender Telecaster....or was it a Sankyo student flute.

    great memories and I hope they survive, both the shops and my memories