Tuesday, 19 June 2012

48 Doughty Street

48 Doughty Street is the former home of Charles Dickens. The great man lived here from 1837  until December 1839. He took a three year lease on the property at £80 a year and borrowed £100 from his publisher to cover moving costs.  Doughty Street was then a wide and salubrious street in Bloomsbury and the house signified that he had ‘arrived’. It was gated at each end to keep out undesirables (such as Bill Sykes, Uriah Heep and the Artful Dodger I assume). Dickens was only 25 years old when he moved into this house with his wife and first child.

It is now the Charles Dickens Museum. He actually once walked through that door........

Charles Dickens museum reopens after £3m restoration - Guardian 4 December

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