Saturday, 28 January 2012

Exmouth Market

Exmouth Market, in the heart of Clerkenwell, North London, is a mix of small independent and long standing traditional shops, bars, restaurants and cafés.

It also includes the former home of Joseph Grimaldi (18 December 1778 – 31 May 1837) the English actor and comedian who invented the modern day ‘white faced’ clown. There is a blue plaque to commemorate the spot. Grimaldi regularly appeared as the ‘sad face’ clown at Sadlers Wells, which is only a short walk away. He first appeared on stage as a three year old and seems to have had an unhappy life despite being successful.

Grimaldi’s grave is in Joseph Grimaldi Park, in Pentonville Road. He requested decapitation before burial as he was so afraid of being buried alive.

The market includes Clarks Pie and Mash shop and.................

a traditional pub, The Exmouth Arms


On Fridays and Saturdays the street features a food market when the local restaurants and street vendors sell a variety of hot food-to-go from market stalls ranging from the basic to the specialist.

Café Kick is a well-used football themed café. The walls and ceiling are covered in football memorabilia and three table top football games take pride of place. The café is equipped with many TV screens showing football, crickets or other major sports. This place is a cut above other sports bars.

There is also a tattoo parlour should you fancy some body art.

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