Friday, 4 November 2011

One Hyde Park

One Hyde Park contains Britain’s most expensive flat at £136 million for a three story apartment. The problem with this type of development is that it is nothing more than a glorified ghost town. Buyers use these properties as an investment with little intention of living here. The golden triangle of Knightsbridge, Belgravia and Mayfair is in bubble, owned by the super-rich who remain invisible. This is not envy just a concern that the more 'up-market' parts of London are bought up and remain lifeless, soulless and empty.

On the plus side One Hyde Park does include a take away service via an underground tunnel from the Mandarin Continental Hotel next door and it’s very own corner shop, a McLaren showroom complete with Formula One car strapped to the wall.

What a beautiful car. OK I take it all back. It is envy.

McLarean - MP4-12C
Who'd want to be a Knightsbridge billionaire? - The Independent - 22 December 2012
Absent owners 'turning £1.2bn One Hyde Park into Mary Celeste' - Evening Standard - 13th January 2012
Take a look inside 'One Hyde Park' - Telegraph April 2012

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