Saturday, 26 March 2016

Argentinian Tango Social Dance


This is what the Ballroom at the Festival Hall was designed for. Dancing.  Dancing the tango to be more precise.  This was billed as an ‘Argentinian Tango Social Dance’. It had a few live musicians but the music mainly came from a lap top. It inspired hundreds, literally hundreds, of people to start dancing. Husbands and wives, husbands with other men’s wives and young children standing on Dad’s shoe laces in order to keep in step. Women dressed as femme fatale’s, men dressed in t-shirts and jeans. Some leading, some following. The bold, intertwined legs with their partners before sliding into the next position. A complete hotchpotch of people simply enjoying themselves.

Some could really tango. Dressed to kill, like a scene from a Jack Vettriano painting, these dancers showed all the others how it should be done.

The Festival Hall is a fantastic place. High art to simple pleasures, it is still the peoples palace.

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