Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Andipa Gallery

Tuesday night – Private view at the Andipa Gallery, Walton Street, Knightsbridge. The event showcased work by David Roux-Fouillet entitled Morphoses and featured sculptural structures, silk worms and jewellery. All very interesting but somewhat eclipsed by the work on another floor. This included pieces by Miro, a fantastic Matisse, Banksy and others. An eclectic mix.

There were a few, small spin paintings by Damien Hirst for which the expressions “old rope” and “money for” must have been created. A Banksy titled “Every time I Make Love To You I Think Of Someone Else”, created from a stencil of two armoured vehicles, was on sale for £85,000. He is a genius. Not a good artist but a genius who can sell a 1 of 5 series for 85 grand each. You do the maths while I take my hat off to the man. Without doubt the star of the show was a print by Andy Warhol, Red Lenin. One from a series of 120 at £60k somehow seemed cheap by comparison. Mr Roux-Fouillet was certainly up against stiff opposition.

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