Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Sculpture Park . Frieze Art Fair, Regents Park

Gavin Turk - Oeuvre (Goose) and Oeuvre (Guinea Foul)

This years Sculpture Park, as part of the Frieze Art Fair, is once again held in the English Garden in Regents Park. Artists take a real risk exposing their work to the general public in such a public space. If exhibiting in a gallery an artist will know that whoever is looking at their work must have an interest in art to have entered the gallery. In the park it is open to all and sundry to enjoy or ridicule.

Gavin Turk- Les Bikes de Bois Rond

Artist Gavin Turk gives instructions to a man in a blue coat about the 15 art bicycles that are available to visitors at the Sculpture Park. The blue coated men escort the cyclist to the Inner Circle (there are strict rules about cycling in the Royal Park) where he is set free to cycle in a circle and return to collect a signed certificate by Turk declaring them an authentic work of art. This would work fine if it wasn't for the Health and Safety paranoia of men in blue coats and restrictions on where you can and can't ride the bike.
Daniel Silver - The Smoking Silver Father Figures

Jeppe Hein - 1 Dimensional Mirror Mobile

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